precautions while using earphones

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Your Ears and Your ipod

Precautions while using Earphones

Using earphones is a fantastic way to get a much better experience when you're enjoying music.
Your Ears and Your ipod

So youve just received a new iPod welcome to the family! More likely than not, youre already planning to convert your CD collection or download iTunes Music Store songs, and youre anxious to start listening with your own pair of Apples famous white earbuds. Of course, youll find virtually everything you need to start enjoying digital music inside the box.

Risk from excessive sound level
Blockage of air passage
Use volume control
Hearing complications or hearing loss
Use earplugs
Keep it low
Balance volume
Ear infections due to use of earphones
Quiet to very loud
Understanding hearing loss
Understanding the Risks Involved
What are earphones
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