precautions while using cathode ray oscilloscope

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Use of the ac dc function

Precautions while using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

The cathode-ray oscilloscope (CRO) is a common laboratory instrument that provides accurate time.
Use of the ac dc function

A general waveform may contain both an AC and DC component the latter will appear as an offset of the AC waveform away from 0 V .When set to DC the oscilloscope displays all of the waveform DC and AC but in the AC setting the DC component is filtered out and only the AC component is displayed. This may be useful for cases where the DC component is significantly larger than the AC component making a measurement of the latter otherwise difficult.

Use of the ac dc function
Delayed sweep
Measurements of voltage
Cro operation
measurement of frequency
Checking that the cro is triggered correctly
Some simple oscilloscope experiments
Vertical amplifier section
Lichtenberg figures
Adjusting the trace position and appearance
Switching the cro on
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