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Precautions while using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Cathode ray oscilloscope
Cro operation
Cro controls
Switching the cro on
Ensuring the cro is calibrated correctly
Adjusting the trace position and appearance
Checking that the cro is triggered correctly
Connecting the cro to the circuit
Measuring the input signal
Cathode ray tube
Vertical amplifier section
Horizontal sweep section
Operating instructions
Measurements of voltage
Function generator
Features and controls
Phase measurement using lissajous patterns
How do you use an oscilloscope
Measuring a simple signal
Some simple oscilloscope experiments
Familiarisation with the main oscilloscope controls
Single channel operation
Two channel operation
Use of the ac dc function
measurement of frequency
Digital storage oscilloscope
Dual beam oscilloscope
Analog sampling oscilloscope
Time base
Delayed sweep
Cathode ray tube experiment
Lichtenberg figures
Heat light and sound
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