precautions while using bleaching

Use brightening creams

Precautions while using Bleaching

Precautions while using Bleaching
Use brightening creams
If you are simply looking to brighten your complexion and achieve a more youthful, dewy look, then brightening creams are the way to go.These creams are available over the counter and usually contain natural lightening agents such as kojic acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C or arbutin.These ingredients also work to inhibit melanin production and reduce pigmentation in the skin, but they are safer than hydroquinone.

How is bleach used
Use lemon
Side effects of Bleaching
Use brightening creams
Soap flakes bleach
General bleach tips
Know that bleach can burn and irritate the skin
Mercury side effects
Sun ray exposure
Proper use
Oxy bleach
Why is bleach used
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