precautions while using atm machines

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keep these tips in mind

Precautions while using ATM Machines

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keep these tips in mind

Observe the area before approaching the ATM. If someone appears to be loitering around the ATM, go to another location. Then report the incident to the local police or sheriff s office. Try to bring someone with you when using the ATM at night. If the lighting around the ATM is not adequate, please report it to us by calling (337)237 8343 in Lafayette and (800)213 BANK (2265) outside Lafayette; meanwhile, use another ATM. Memorize your personal identification number (PIN). Don t write it on your card and always keep it secret even from your family and friends. Fill out all forms (such as deposit slips) beforehand and have your card ready. Report lost or stolen ATM cards immediately by calling (337)237 8343 in Lafayette and (800)213 BANK (2265) outside Lafayette.

Take your receipts
Precautions while using enter your PIN
Always be alert
Choosing PIN
Remember ATM theft can occur in two ways
Additional information
Choosing an ATM
Contacting your bank Ombudsman
Make sure you have finalized the transaction
Sign your cards
When using night depositories
Instead of debit method
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