precautions while using atm machines

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Security information

Precautions while using ATM Machines

The basic units allow the customer to only withdraw cash and receive a report of the account's bala
Security information

Do not allow anyone else to use your card, PIN or other security information. 2) Always memorize your PIN and other security information. If the PIN you are provided with is difficult to remember, change it to something more memorable at a cash machine as soon as possible. 3) Always take reasonable steps to keep your card safe and your PIN secret at all times. Neither your bank nor any agency is authorized to ask you to disclose your PIN.

Secure Environment
What to be done if your card is stuck in the ATM machine
During your transaction
Magnetic panel
Precautions while using enter your PIN
Never leave your ATMtransactionslip
Secure Communications
Look for possible fraudulent devices attached to the ATM
Secure Login
Check your credit report
Always be alert
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