precaution while using wifi

Keep An Eye On Access Points

Precaution while using WiFi

Taking precautions to protect your privacy when accessing the Internet through wireless networks.
Keep An Eye On Access Points

Access points are the points that your computer uses to connect to the Internet. In cases where different networks are overlapping, you may see different access points. You need to know if you are connecting to the correct one and so that your data does not travel on an unknown network. If you are using Windows 7, the operating system alerts you as soon as it finds a new network and asking you if you wish to use and name it. If you know the network, you can name it and set a category for it before using it. If you do not know the network, you can disregard it. This means that you do not have to worry if you are using Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows. In case you are using some other operating system, please refer to its documentation to know about detecting access points.

Use different passwords
Connect To Secure Network If Available
Secure your desktop email program
Consider Encryption
Keep An Eye On Access Points
Tether your phone
Use your mobile device
Use a VPN
Disable Your Wi Fi Adaptor When Not Using The Computer
Use a dedicated mobile modem
Internet Safety
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