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Precaution while using WiFi

Beware of Cybercriminals
Connect To Secure Network If Available
Change to Public Network
Avoid automatically connecting to Wi Fi hotspots
Install a mobile antivirus and security app
Avoid using third party
Use strong passwords
Maximum security protection
Avoid accessing websites
Ensure your Web based email is secure
Protect yourself
Log out of the sites you visit
Install browser security
Make sure your computer has the latest firewall software
Don t use public networks to login
Automatic Connection
Disable Your Wi Fi Adaptor When Not Using The Computer
Use Secured Pages
Get a VPN
Consider Encryption
Keep Your Firewall Active
Keep An Eye On Access Points
Turn OFF Printer and File Sharing
Safe Browsing Habits
Use Additional Security If Available
Only Use Encrypted Websites
Don t Share Anything
Turn on Your Personal Firewall
Don t Leave Your Device On
Turn on the firewall
The open Wi Fi problem
An interstitial page is not encryption
Secure your desktop email program
Secure your web based email
Secure all your other online accounts
Use different passwords
Consider not using free Wi Fi at all
Use your mobile device
Tether your phone
Use a dedicated mobile modem
Use a mobile hotspot
Don t forget the physical
Security and convenience are always at odds
How do I stay safe in an internet caf
Is cellular broadband more secure than WiFi
Is it OK to use this random wireless network that I just found
Internet Safety
Protecting Yourself
Compromised Devices
Malicious Hotspots
Nothing Is Private on Open Wi Fi
An Alternative to Using Unsecure Public Wi Fi
Set up your phone s security
Use long and strong passwords
Make sure the network is legit and encrypted
Use a VPN
Buy a data plan
Wi Fi Protected Setup
Securing a new network
Checking security on an existing network
Passphrase quality and lifespan
On the go
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