precaution while using wifi

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Compromised Devices

Precaution while using WiFi

Taking precautions to protect your privacy when accessing the Internet through wireless networks.
Compromised Devices

Compromised laptops and other devices may also be connected to the local network. When connecting, be sure to select the andPublic networkand Wi Fi option in Windows and not the Home network or Work network options. The Public network option locks down the connection, ensuring Windows isn t sharing any files or other sensitive data with the machines on the local network.

Secure all your other online accounts
Use different passwords
An interstitial page is not encryption
Turn on Your Personal Firewall
Connect To Secure Network If Available
Use your mobile device
Avoid using third party
Securing a new network
Make sure your computer has the latest firewall software
Consider not using free Wi Fi at all
Passphrase quality and lifespan
Only Use Encrypted Websites
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