precaution while using microscope

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Finding a better fit

Precaution while using Microscope

A microscope is an instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye.
Finding a better fit

Ergonomics is concerned with finding a better fit between people and the things they do, the objects they use, and the environmental setting in which they live, work, travel, and play. Also called human engineering, it is a relatively new branch of science that was founded in 1949, spurned by the development of new technologies during World War II. Throughout this period, it had become clear that, in order to be used safely and effectively, new technologies and products would need to account for human and environmental factors.

Eye Fatigue
Microscope eyepieces
light microscope could be the right choice
Microscope with or without their glasses
Clean materials and work area
Use of the microscope
Eyestrain problems
Laboratory to verify
Information and care of the microscope
Embedding Resins
Basic Rules for Caring for Microscopes
Inappropriate lighting conditions
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