precaution while using lpg

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Regular maintenance of LPG appliances

Precaution while using LPG

The following precautions must be taken while using LPG cylinder.
Regular maintenance of LPG appliances

Being a highrisk energy form, all LPG appliances need regular maintenance to ensure that they remain in good condition. Regular servicing can help unearth any potential leakages or mishaps at the earliest opportunity. It provides homeowners with an ample opportunity to correct these errors before they mushroom into disaster. While servicing these appliances, it is wise to engage the services of an expert or contact a retailer for assistance.

Before Usage
Adequate ventilation in the home
LPG is on fire
Using LPG
What are the cons
Call Fire Department immediately
Cylinder is kept upright
Allow clear access to your property
Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas
What is LPG
Plan to order earlier in winter
Safety when you smell gas
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