precaution while using homeopathy

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Potentiation through dilution

Precaution while using Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel .
Potentiation through dilution

Related to the law of infinitesimals is the concept of potentiation through dilution. The preparation of a homeopathic product involves a step-wise dilution process along with succussion. Each dilution is succussed, or shaken vigorously. It is believed by homeopathic practitioners that this process leaves behind the image, essence, or spirit of the original compound in the water. The more times this process is repeated, or the more dilute the end-product, the stronger the homeopathic preparation.

When to Stop or Change the remedy
Do not mix homeopathy with other medications
Holistic system of treatment
Chew the medicated pills slowly
Strong smelling substances
Potentiation through dilution
Importance of Modalities
Do not keep the homeopathic medicines out in the open
Symptoms in Homeopathy
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