precaution while using homeopathy

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Do not mix homeopathy with other medications

Precaution while using Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel .
Do not mix homeopathy with other medications

Do not mix homeopathy with other medications. Allopathy and Ayurvedic medications should not mix up with homeopathy. If you are a heart patient or suffering from blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy then consult your doctor before leaving any medication. Your doctor might advise you to take allopathic medicines with homeopathic ones. However, once you start accepting to the homeopathic treatment, your doctor can reduce the allopathic medication. If you follow the half an hour rule strictly, you do not need to change your dietary supplements. Foods like garlic, ginger, onions and coffee can be consumed if you follow the strict rule of homeopathy. According to many homeopathic doctors, you must not eat sour foods that has tamarind. Consult your doctor before opting for this medication.

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