precaution while using contact lenses

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Choose lotions before applying contacts

Precaution while using Contact Lenses

A contact lens, or simply contact, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye.
Choose lotions before applying contacts

Choose an oilfree moisturizeror lotions before applying contacts. They can leave film on your lenses. Bring a copy of your prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. These numbers are recognized globally and will be useful in case anything happens.

Gas permeable lenses
Safest medical devices
Dont wear contact lenses overnight
Other Precautions
Types of Contact Lenses
Prepare the Lens for Wearing
Handling the Lenses
Dispose of Your Contact Lenses as Prescribed
Extended wear lenses
Some people should not use contact lenses for vision correction
To put in lenses
Hard contact lenses cleaning
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