portrait photography tips for beginners

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Window light

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Window light

Don t have an expensive studio or want to get more natural portraits? Normal lighting in a house or during the heat of the day is not flattering on skin; however, once light passes through a window, it is very soft and diffused. Consider placing your subject next to a window so the light hits the model at an angle (not looking straight out the window). Without much effort, you ve created beautiful light which studios strain to copy.

Watch for elastics
Superglue your camera to your hand
Spot metering is your friend
Whiten teeth properly in Photoshop
Use the correct side of the reflector
When shooting in poor mid day lighting have the subject face away from the sun
Bring a Save the Shoot kit
Get ahair light
Let that shutter rip to get great expressions
Learn the lingo when working with models
Protect your flashes with air cushioned stands
Set your picture style to portrait even if shooting in RAW
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