portrait photography tips for beginners

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Window light

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Window light

Don t have an expensive studio or want to get more natural portraits? Normal lighting in a house or during the heat of the day is not flattering on skin; however, once light passes through a window, it is very soft and diffused. Consider placing your subject next to a window so the light hits the model at an angle (not looking straight out the window). Without much effort, you ve created beautiful light which studios strain to copy.

Artificially light your subject naturally
Don t cheat yourself into thinking that you can make a great portrait without great lighting
Get out of the model s face
Window light
When shooting group portraits try to get the heads uneven
Over expose
If you re going to use HDR use it wisely
The worst way to get a candid expression from your subject
Put three photos in a row
Use the right tool for the job
Ditch the light stand and use a broom handle instead
Get a proper system in place for your memory cards
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