portrait photography tips for beginners

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NEVER use the on camera flash

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

NEVER use the on camera flash

On camera flash gives a deer in the headlights look to even the most beautiful subject. Because the light is perfectly in line with the lens, the light hits the subject squarely and creates a flat light that is far from flattering. If you choose to use a flash, it s truly necessary to get an external flash that can be mounted to the side of the photographer.

Try out electronic model releases for simplicity
The worst way to get a candid expression from your subject
Use ultra wide lenses for a cool perspective
Set your picture style to portrait even if shooting in RAW
When taking a portrait of a group always focus on the closest person to the camera
Get a proper system in place for your memory cards
Think application before taking the portrait
Buy a few scarves
Keep your model warm
It doesn t all have to be perfect and pretty
I know you want pictures of the face but you might also consider going smaller
Wait for a cloudy day
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