portrait photography tips for beginners

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Get involved in photography

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Get involved in photography

Go out and shoot with other photographers not just in your interest area, but anyone that will go out. Watch their style, packing tips, equipment, how they shot, what they shot and then spend time reviewing at the end of the day hopefully on a computer, but even looking at each other s LCD screens of what they shot can be a big help. I learn something new everytime.

Bring a Save the Shoot kit
Know your gear by heart
Get involved in photography
If you re going to use HDR use it wisely
Crank that aperture for full body portraits
Consider giving the subject space to look into
Know how to direct the client to give the look you want
Contrast clothes and environment
Photos weren t made to be bits
Never shoot kids or babies from your normal standing height
Models relax immediately when a prop is introduced
Spacing is key for group portraits
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