portrait photography tips for beginners

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Find interesting looking models

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Find interesting looking models

It seems that photographers always seem to pick models who look similar to them, but trying to find someone completely different can really add to your portrait photography. I m not much of a motorcycle goth tattoo type, so when I get the chance to photograph that type of person, I m amazed by everything about the person. This difference makes me interested in the shoot and helps me to get great shots.

Spacing is key for group portraits
Shoot up to give power Shoot down to take power away
Photograph the subject in their native environment
Get out of the model s face
Choose your poses before the shoot
KISS your model
Choose your model carefully
NEVER use the on camera flash
Crank that aperture for full body portraits
Know how to direct the client to give the look you want
The worst way to get a candid expression from your subject
Artificially light your subject naturally
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