portrait photography tips for beginners

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Find interesting looking models

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Find interesting looking models

It seems that photographers always seem to pick models who look similar to them, but trying to find someone completely different can really add to your portrait photography. I m not much of a motorcycle goth tattoo type, so when I get the chance to photograph that type of person, I m amazed by everything about the person. This difference makes me interested in the shoot and helps me to get great shots.

Compose and then focus rather than focusing and re composing
Try not to show the flat portion of the hand
Predict how people will interact when shooting candids
Get to know your subject
Quit sharpening blindly
Never allow the model to wait on you
Buy a few scarves
Whip out the CTO
Set your picture style to portrait even if shooting in RAW
Get ahair light
Do something totally off the wall
Use a polarizer to minimize reflections on glasses
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