portrait photography tips for beginners

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Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

81. Get involved in photography
Go out and shoot with other photographers not just in your interest area, but anyone that will go out. Watch their style, packing tips, equipment, how they shot, what they shot and then spend time reviewing at the end of the day hopefully on a computer, but even looking at each other s LCD screens of what they shot can be a big help. I learn something new everytime.
82. Think like you re shooting film
Sometimes it s helpful to shoot a ton of pictures to catch the perfect expression, and sometimes it s better to slow down and think methodically. Make each picture perfect before you press the shutter and use an exposure. Think and slow down.
83. Watch for elastics
I laughed when I read this tip on the facebook page by Alison Williams, because I can t tell you how many hours I ve spent in the last few years Photoshopping hair ties out of the picture when the client or model forgot to take them off.
84. It doesn t all have to be perfect and pretty
For example, shooting a two year old throw a tantrum on the kitchen floor can actually make for a great shot if the photographer is shooting from down low. Similarly, photographing a guy all sweaty and dirty can make for a dramatic shot. Don t always look for the pretty stuff.
85. When shooting for clients write their name on a sticky note and put it on the back of your camera
You can also use medical tape and write with a marker. I really hate it when I forget the client s name mid shoot. Very embarrassing to keep saying, And uh.. will you yes, you please move your head forward?
86. Soften your on camera flash
I personally usethe Gary Fong Lightsphereto soften my flash when I m shooting a reception or event photography indoors, but itworks just as well as Tupperware. It works fairly well and certainly looks better than shooting bare flash.
87. Perfect your on camera flash
While getting a perfect photo with a softbox takes a lot of skill, it s pretty hard to get a BAD photo with a softbox. On camera flash is totally different. It takes a lot of practice to get it to look just right. To learn more about on camera flash,check out this book.
88. Adjust the lighting to fix deep set eyes
Some people, like me, have their eyes a little further back from the eyebrow. This often causes deep shadows in the eyes. To fix this problem, simply lower the lights a little so they throw light under the brow.
89. Know how to direct the client to give the look you want
It takes practice to learn how to communicate your posing ideas to the client. With time, you ll learn how to give directions clearly. For example, I commonly tell clients and models Don t show any teeth for this one, but just think about smiling as you pose. The client always understands that direction easily. Other photographers ask the client to think about warm cookies, but that s just way way way too corny for my taste
90. Know the tips for hiding wrinkles
If your subject is a bit more mature and has wrinkles or heavy laugh lines, follow these tips (1) Use more frontal light rather than side light, (2) bring the light in close and use a large light source to get it unusually soft, and (3) rather than have the client smile, follow tip 89 and just have them think about smiling.

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