portrait photography tips for beginners

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Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

51. For street photography portraits go incognito
Cameras are everwhere, but carrying around a giant camera bag tends to scare people when doing street photography. Terasa Lewis recommends using a low profile camera bag for doing street photography. This bagis a popular one for street photographers to choose.
52. Bring a Save the Shoot kit
Bring a few non photography related items in your photo bag that can help save a shoot when something goes wrong. The kit might include safety pins for wardrobe malfunctions , Band Aids, a bottle of water, an extra battery and memory card, etc. Tip submitted by Jenny Yates on Facebook.
53. Find interesting looking models
It seems that photographers always seem to pick models who look similar to them, but trying to find someone completely different can really add to your portrait photography. I m not much of a motorcycle goth tattoo type, so when I get the chance to photograph that type of person, I m amazed by everything about the person. This difference makes me interested in the shoot and helps me to get great shots.
54. Use natural reflectors
When shooting at the beach, the white sand will act as a giant reflector if the model is sitting down and close to the sand. When shooting in the city, the top of a silver trash can lid can be a reflector. When shooting near the water, the water can act as a reflector. Remember that the sun is not the only light source. In fact, sometimes what the sun is reflecting off will throw more light on the subject than the direct light from the sun.
55. Wait for a cloudy day
Nothing makes me happier when shooting portraits than a cloudy day. It makes the lighting even and soft because the clouds act like a giant reflector. Also, it cuts out some of the light from the sun so that I can overpower the ambient light with my flash.
56. Ditch the light stand and use a broom handle instead
When shooting with an assistant, I find it much easier to attach the flash to the end of a wooden dowel or broom handle rather than using the light stand. This way the assistant can just hold it instead of putting the light on a stand and worrying about the light getting knocked over in the wind all day. Makes things much faster to work with.
57. Protect your flashes with air cushioned stands
If you choose to use stands (when you don t have an assistant or you re shooting indoors), spend an extra $30 to buy air cushioned light stands so that the light won t come crashing down if you release the clamp without holding the extension pole. It s definitely worth the extra money.
58. Put three photos in a row
I love shooting in continuous high mode when I photograph kids. Inevitably, they dump a bucket of sand on their head, trip, or do something funny. Take the three or four pictures and combine them into a little film strip in Photoshop to show the short story.
59. Never allow the model to wait on you
Nothing kills the excitement and energy of a shoot more than making the model wait for 10 minutes for the photographer to work on getting lights set up and camera settings properly prepared. Get your gear ready before the model ever shows up so you can keep the energy moving.
60. Contrast clothes and environment
When I shoot portraits for clients, I love to take couples who are dressed nicely into old rustic city locations, and when the subject is dressed casually, I like to take the subject into a more formal location like a church or garden. The contrast makes for interesting portraits.

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