portrait photography tips for beginners

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Crank that aperture for full body portraits

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Crank that aperture for full body portraits

I am shocked on almost a daily basis how many photographers fail to understand that aperture is not the only camera setting that impacts the depth of field. To learn the four (or five, depending on how you count) factors that impact depth of field,check out this article. When shooting a full body portrait, the photographer is obviously further away from the subject. This means that the depth of field is much deeper. For full body portraits, remember that your aperture must be significantly lower (or your focal length significantly longer) to get a blurry background. To get shallow depth of field for full body portraits, you might check out the85mm f1.8 for Nikon, or the85mm f/1.8 for Canon.

Perfect your on camera flash
It doesn t all have to be perfect and pretty
Raise that light for stunning catch lights
Whip out the CTO
Try a silhouette
Get a proper system in place for your memory cards
Choose your poses before the shoot
When shooting group portraits try to get the heads uneven
Check for sharpness on the eyelashes
Get a vertical battery grip
Warm that flash for sunset portraits
If you re going to use HDR use it wisely
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