poker for beginners

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Take turns

Poker for Beginners

Take turns

The first person to make a call is usually the player on the dealers left (who was dealt the first card). That player canopen(place the first bet) orcheck(pass the decision onto the next player). Once the pot is opened, meaning that a player bets a certain amount (e.g. places a nickel in the pot), all of the people who already had their turns have two options:

  • See or call Stay in the game by putting the equivalent amount in the pot.

  • Fold Quit the game by putting your cards face down on the table; whatever you put in the pot stays in the pot.

  • After theyve made their choices, everyone who still has a turn will have those options, plus an additional one:

  • Raise Stay in the game by putting more than the last person put in the pot.

  • If someone raises, then everyone who already had a turn must see or fold again. Then the next person has their turn.

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