places you cant visit

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Places you cant Visit

Places that you wish you could go visit but you can't.
1. The Marianas Trench Pacific Ocean
You werent expecting this one were you? Well goodluck trying to get there. Its the deepest place in the ocean and only three people have ever made it to the bottom.
2. Pripyat Ukraine
One of the most radioactive places on Earth, although it is possible to enter the exclusion zone, you can only do so with an armed guard.
3. Woomera Prohibited Area Australia
The largest land testing range on Earth is located in Australia and just in case there was any question about its accessability, it was clarified right in the name.
4. Chapel of The Ark of the Covenant Ethiopia
Said to be the final resting place of the ark and its 10 commandments, the small Ethiopian chapel that supposedly houses it has sprung a leak meaning the ark will have to be moved soon. Apart from the priest who is never allowed to leave the grounds, no one has ever been allowed to enter.
5. Pinegap Australia
This satellite tracking station in the middle of Australia is run by the Australian and US governments and is a central point for spy satellite operations.
6. Bohemian Grove California
The Bohemian Club is famous for its secrecy and high profile members. It is said that it was single handedly responsible for the Manhattan Project.
7. Svalbard Global Seed Vault Norway
Just in case some kind of Hollywood style apocalypse ever befell the Earth, this place would have the ability to bring it back again, at least the green part.
8. Bank of England Vaults London
The only way to get in here is with a key that is 90 cm long! Even if you wanted to get the key you would have a slight problem though. The names of employees working at the vaults are kept secret.
9. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang China
Home to wonders like the famous Terracotta Army, the tomb of Chinas first emperor remains largely unexcavated thanks to a very protective Chinese government.
10. Google Data Center Oregon
Probably as guarded as Area 51, Googles first data center is a high security location.

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