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Places to Visit in Stockholm, Sweden
Royal Dramatic Theatre
The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Swedish Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern or Dramaten) is Sweden national stage for spoken drama , founded in 1788. Around one thousand shows are put on annually on the theatre eight running stages.The theatre has been at its present location in the Art Nouveau building at Nybroplan, Stockholm since 1908. The theatre was built by the architect Fredrik Lilljekvist. Famous artists like Carl Milles and Carl Larsson were involved in making the decorations, and some of the interior decorations were made by Prince Eugen.The theatre acting school, Dramatens elevskola, produced many actors and directors who would go on to be famous, including Gustaf Molander (who also taught there), Alf Sjoberg, Greta Garbo, Vera Schmiterlow, Signe Hasso, Ingrid Bergman, Gunnar Bjornstrand, Max von Sydow, and Bibi Andersson. The school was split off as a separate institution in 1967 (see Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting).

Stockholm Palace
Royal Coin Cabinet

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