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Liberty Osaka
Liberty Osaka (Osaka Human Rights Museum) is situated in Naniwa ku, a ward in south Osaka City.As the first general museum dedicated to human rights in Japan, the focus of its permanent exhibits is the history of the struggle against discrimination experienced by the nation minority ethnic groups the Burakumin, the Ainu of Hokkaido, the Ryukyuans of Okinawa and Japan communities of Korean and Chinese descent.There are also exhibits dedicated to discrimination issues affecting women,lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders, the physically challenged and the survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (the Hibakusha).Originally founded in December 1985 to document the history of the Osaka human rights movement, it was relaunched in December 1995 as the Osaka Jinken Hakubutsu kan (Human Rights Museum).Entrance is yen250 and yen150 for college and high school students and yen500 and yen300 respectively for special exhibits.Entrance is free for elementary and middle school students, senior citizens aged 65 and over, and physically challenged individuals, also from 4 to 10 December.(Human Rights Week established after the Human Rights Day) Audio guides are available in both Japanese and English.

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National Museum of Art
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