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Places to Visit in Japan, Japan
Fujita Art Museum
The Fujita Art Museum is one of the largest private collections in the Kansai region.The collection was assembled by Fujita Denzaburo and his descendants.It was installed in a storehouse on the family property in Osaka.Opened to the public in 1954, the collection houses Chinese and Japanese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, lacquer, textiles, metalwork, and Japanese tea ceremony objects.The Japanese paintings include 13th and 14th century scrolls such as the Murasaki Shikibu Diary Emaki (National Treasure) and paintings of the 16 Rakan by Takuma Eiga.The section of Japanese ceramics, largely tea ceremony objects, is varied and includes teabowls by Chojiro and Nonomura Ninsei, as well as square dishes by Korin and Kenzan.

Namba Parks
Tennoji Zoo
Nakayama dera
Nagai Botanical Garden
National Museum of Art
Osaka Castle
Shimo fukushima Park
Osaka Contemporary Art Center

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