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Mount Qasioun
Mount Qasioun is a mountain overlooking the city of Damascus, Syria.It has a range of restaurants, from which the whole city can be viewed.As the city has expanded over the years, some districts have been established on the foot of the mountain.Its highest point is 1,151 metres (3,776 ft).The mountain has been heavily entrenched with Syrian regime armed forces since the start of the Syrian civil war.On the slopes of Jabal Qasiun is a cave steeped in legend.It is said to have been inhabited at one point by the first man Adam and there are various stories told about Ibrahim (Abraham), and isa (Jesus) also having prayed in it.It is mentioned however in Medieval Arab history books as having been the place where Qabil (Cain) killed Habil (Abel). It was known for hundreds of years as a place where prayers were immediately accepted, and especially in times of drought rulers of Damascus would climb to cave and pray for rain.Because of the murder that took place there, claimed to be the first murder ever in the world, it is called Magharat al Dam (the Cave of Blood). According to Sunni Muslims, Mount Qasioun is the site of the mi?rabs (prayer niches) of the 40 saints, known as the Abdal, who are said to pray the night vigil prayers every night a small mosque has been built over the Cave of Blood containing these mi?rabs.

Al Madrasa Al Zahiriya
Bab Kissan and Saint Paul Chapel
Mausoleum of Saladin
Madrasah Al Osrooniah
Darol Hadeeth Al Ashrafiah
Fakhr al Din al Maani Castle
Damascus Citadel
Khan As ad Pasha

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