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Maktab Anbar
Maktab Anbar is an old house in the center of Old Damascus near the Umayyad Mosque and a short distance from the Street Called Straight.The house was built as a private residence by a local Jewish notable Mr.Anbar in the mid 19th century and was later confiscated by the Ottoman government after Mr.Anbar went bankrupt.The house is built around three courtyards, first the formal reception courtyard, behind this the attractive female courtyard, and finally the spartan servants courtyard.The main sections were completed at tremendous expense, and due to high costs Mr.Anbar abandoned the project In 1887.The Ottomans, who had been occupying Syria for almost four centuries, completed the project adding two wings and converting the house into a boys school, which officially became the Damascus Civil Preparatory School.

Bab Sharqi
Maktab Anbar
Al Bimaristan Al Nouri
Madrasah Al Osrooniah
Al Madrasa Al Zahiriya
Azm Palace
Bab Kissan and Saint Paul Chapel
Babel Faradees

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