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Khan As ad Pasha
Khan Asad Pasha is the largest khan in the Old City of Damascus, covering an area of 2,500 square metres (27,000 sq ft).Situated along Al Buzuriyah Souq, it was built and named after Asad Pasha al Azm, the governor of Damascus, in 175152. Khan Asad Pasha has been described as one of the finest khans of Damascus, and the most ambitious work of architecture in the city. Throughout the Ottoman era, it hosted caravans coming from Baghdad, Mosul, Aleppo, Beirut and elsewhere in the Middle East.The building follows a typical Ottoman khan layout with two floors giving onto a central courtyard.Khan Asad Pasha is entered from Suq al Buzuriyyah, through a monumental gateway decorated with stone carvings and roofed by a muqarnas semi dome.The entrance leads to a square shaped courtyard with old shops on the ground floor.The second floor, accessible by a staircase located to the right of the main entrance, was used mainly for lodging and has eighty rooms arranged along a gallery facing the courtyard.

Straight Street
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