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House of Saint Ananias
The House of Saint Ananias (also called Chapel of Saint Ananias) is an ancient underground structure in Damascus, Syria, that is alleged to be the remains of the home of Ananias of Damascus, where Ananias baptized Saul (who became Paul the Apostle). Archaeological excavations in 1921 found the remains of a Byzantine church from the 5th or 6th century CE, adding physical evidence to support local tradition that the chapel has an early Christian origin. The building is at the end of the Street Called Straight near the Bab Sharqi (Eastern Gate).As of 2005, the structure was still in use as a church.

Mount Qasioun
Bab Kissan and Saint Paul Chapel
Babel Faraj
Madrasah Al Osrooniah
National Museum
Bab Sharqi
Mausoleum of Saladin

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