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Places to Visit in Syria, Syria
Damascus Citadel
The Citadel of Damascus is a large medieval fortified palace.It is part of the Ancient City of Damascus, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.The location of the current citadel was first fortified in 1076 by the Turkman warlord Atsiz bin Uvak.After the assassination of Atsiz bin Uvak, the project was finished by the Seljuq ruler Tutush I.The emirs of the subsequent Burid and Zengid dynasties carried out modifications and added new structures to it.During this period, the citadel and the city were besieged several times by Crusader and Muslim armies.In 1174, the citadel was captured by Saladin, the Ayyubid sultan of Egypt, who made it his residence and had the defences and residential buildings modified.

Tekkiye Mosque
Maktab Anbar
Qalaa Garden
Darol Hadeeth Al Ashrafiah
Fakhr al Din al Maani Castle
Mausoleum of Saladin
House of Saint Ananias
Khan As ad Pasha

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