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Places to Visit in _, France
Golfe Juan
Golfe Juan boasts two top beach restaurants Tetou and Nanou, to the west. But these, along with others, are under threat from a law passed in 2006 which says restaurants should be demountable plus a host of other requirements.The town council has never implemented the law and is negotiating with the government to save its private beaches.If you cross (go under actually) the railway line you come to the town proper and there are lovely shops, bars and restaurants here.Do stroll along the promenade to the Camille Rayon marina. Here you find lots of restaurants and bars including the Cafe Blue which has live jazz Friday evenings. La Jonque Bleue offers an asian gastronomic tour and menus start from 18 euros and lunch from 10.50 euros.

Hotel Majestic Barrie re
Cannes Film Festival
Musee de la Castre
Stade du Fort Carre
Musee de la Mer
Loup Valley
Lerins Islands
InterContinental Carlton Cannes Hotel

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