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Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary
Vajdahunyad Castle
Situated in City Park the largest park in Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle began its life as a structure made of wood and cardboard. It was built for the millennium celebrations of 1896 and was a huge hit with both the locals and those visiting Budapest. The castle actually an enclave of buildings rather than just one structure was designed by architect Ignac Alpar. He created a complex that represents each architectural style in the history of Hungary. Each section is modeled after an existing building in the Kingdom of Hungary. In total twentyone different buildings were integrated into the complex. What makes this castle so unusual is its combination of architectural styles. If you are visiting Vajdahunyad a glance from one side may determine that the structure is Gothic. A walk around the castle may give one the impression that this is a Baroque building. You can from one place even see Gothic Renaissance Baroque and Romanesque architecture all in one glance.

Belvedere Tower in the Buda Hills
VigadO Concert Hall
Memento Park
Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
Shoes on the Danube Bank

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