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Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary
Memento Park
Memento Park includes the wellknown Statue Park Stalin Grandstand and the new movie theatre where you can see a special documentary film about the political secret service of the Kadarregime titled The Life of an Agent.It worth visiting the Statue Park. A oneofakind glimpse of communist history the park displays a sometimes amusing sometimes haunting but always intriguing collection of communistera statues. A new exhibition called Stalin Boots opened in 2007. Szobor Park is no longer just an open air statue park but is instead becoming a real museum.Home to almost four dozen statues busts and plaques of Lenin Marx Bela Kun and heroic workers like those that have ended up on trash heaps in other former socialist countries the recently renamed Memento Park 10km southwest of the city centre is a mindblowing place to visit. Ogle the socialist realism and try to imagine that at least four of these monstrous relics were erected as recently as the late 1980s. A few including the Bela Kun memorial by fencesitting sculptor Imre Varga were still in place when this author moved to Budapest in early 1992.

Buda Castle
Memento Park
Boscolo Budapest Hotel
Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
Matthias Church
City Park
Hungarian State Opera House

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