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Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary
Matthias Church
The Matthias Church is one of Budapest most important churches. Many of Hungary kings were coronated here and the church is home to important tombs and ecclesiastical treasures.Officially known as The Church of Our Lady (Nagyboldogasszony templom) Budapest St. Matthias Church like many of the city ecclesiastical structures has a long and complicated history.The church takes its more common name from King Matthias who ruled from 145890 wellknown as a patron of the arts and enlightenment and revered for reconstructing the Hungarian state after years upon years of feudal anarchy.The church was ravaged during the liberation of Budapest from the Turks in 1686. The story goes that during the bombardment of Budapest by a European alliance a wall of the church collapsed revealing a sculpture of the Madonna to the praying Turks. Demoralized they capitulated the following day. The new occupants the Jesuits made attempts to restore the church in the popular Baroque style of the era. Most consider the attempts a failure.

hungarian parliament building
Kerepesi Cemetery
VigadO Concert Hall
Lukacs Baths
Gellert Hill Cave
St. Stephen Basilica
Boscolo Budapest Hotel

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