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Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary
Kerepesi Cemetery
The most spectacular sights in the cemetery are the monumental nineteenthcentury mausolea built for prominent leaders who revolted against the Habsburg rule. The most impressive monument is reserved for the leader of the failed revolution Lajos Kossuth. The enormous mausoleum is crowned with a bronze statue of Genius holding a chained lion. Lajos Batthyany prime minister during the revolution and Ferenc Deak another revolutionary minister are also honored with massive mausoleums.There are many more interesting monuments you shouldnt miss such as the circular JOkai MOr mausoleum and the Art Nouveau funerary arcade decorated with plenty of sepulchral sculptures. Another beautiful monument is the tomb of Lujza Blaha a Hungarian actress and singer with mourning figures surrounding her deathbed.A less aesthetically pleasing monument from the Communist era is the Pantheon of the Working Class Movement which consists of huge stone slabs decorated with reliefs. A more recent monument in the Kerepesi Cemetery honors JOzsef Antall the first postCommunist leader. It shows four horses covered by sheets trying to break free.

Gellert Hill Cave
Dohany Street Synagogue
Lukacs Baths
Memento Park
National Theatre
Andrassy Avenue
St. Stephen Basilica

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