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Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary
Andrassy Avenue
Andrassy Avenue recognized as a World Heritage Site was built to connect the city center with City Park (Varosliget). Construction began in 1872 and the avenue was inaugurated in 1885. Its Eclectic NeoRenaissance palaces and houses were built by the most distinguished architects of the time. Aristocrats bankers landowners and noble families moved in. The iconic avenue was named after Prime Minister Gyula Andrassy a key advocate of the project.At the time of its completion in 1885 Andrassy Avenue was considered a masterpiece of city planning and even public transport was prohibited to preserve its character. This brought about the idea to build a railroad beneath it. The Millennium Underground Railway the first subway line in continental Europe opened in 1896. The line transported people from the city center to Varosliget the main venue of the Millennium celebrations.

Lake Feneketlen
City Park
Fisherman Bastion
Hungarian National Gallery
Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
Gellert Hill Cave
Chain Bridge
Lukacs Baths

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