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Places to Visit in Brussels, Belgium
Nemo 33
In the early 90, diver and traveler John Beernaerts used a table mat to sketch out his brainchild for a friend during dinner, a marvelous pool for training divers that would be first rate, so much so that it would recreate the conditions of Bora Bora. Beernaerts recognized the vast difference between learning to dive in the blue lagoons of the exotic island regions and learning in a dirty, shallow pool in the city of Brussels. He wanted to instill an immediate love of diving in those who did not have the option of traveling to some far off vacation spot to enjoy the underwater world, so he brought an underwater world to Belgium, by creating Nemo 33.It deepest level reaching 113 feet down, Nemo 33 is the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world. With simulated caves, several platforms and the 33 meter deep cylindrical pit, Nemo 33 provides a place for novices and veteran divers to learn and enjoy themselves in a clean and exciting environment.

Manneken Pis
Brussels Town Hall
Ancienne Belgique
Belgian Comic Strip Center
Egmont Palace
Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
Musical Instrument Museum

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