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Places to Visit in Brussels, Belgium
Ixelles Ponds
The Ponds of Ixelles are such an important feature of Brussels that despite the fact that many of them were drained, a whole district, in fact a whole municipality, is named after this natural site. Today, there are two ponds left and they are situated between the General de Gaulle and Gulden Sporen Avenues, thus being the natural continuation of the Abbey de la Cambre gardens. The park around the ponds of Ixelles is composed mainly of the ponds themselves and the trees that line their banks. What is the unique feature of the site is that it is as much a natural site as much it is an architectural one. Around the lakes one can observe the building styles of the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Neo Flemish constructions. The two actual ponds are north south oriented, have a spindle like shape, about 700 metres in total length and 50 metres in width and are separated by a strip of land where the Gedachtenissquare is located.

Brussels Town Hall
Halle Gate
Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History
Mini Europe
Cantillon brewery
Academy Palace

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