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Places to Visit in Brussels, Belgium
Halle Gate
The Porte de Hal (in French), Hallepoort (in Dutch), Halle Gate is a medieval gate, a fortification for Brussels city in the 14th century. The walls have been completely removed from both sides but the fort itself still stands in a cylindrical shape, with ramparts at the top and a black cone shaped roof. The exhibit is a part of the Royal Museums of Art and History.Walking inside these authentic walls makes you feel like you are walking the path that soldiers and archers walked while guarding the city from invaders. Everything has been kept the same except for the installation of a modern elevator to aid those who do not want to walk up the three levels on the spiral staircase. The ramparts visit at the top will definitely require walking and also some investigation work to find the hidden passage ways!All of the doors are kept closed and visitors are encouraged to find and open them to experience the heavy metal locks, still in working condition. At the tapered windows you will notice places where archers would sit on guard ready for evading enemy attacks while attacking with their own arrows.

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La Cambre Abbey

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