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Places to Visit in Brussels, Belgium
Botanical Garden
Parks and green spaces can be admired in Brussels, which has taken a lot of care to include green as part of town planning. These niches of green are well maintained they are enjoyed for tourists and locals alike.A perfectly rectangular shaped park that stretches from Place des Palais to Rue de la Loi, this is a park designed to catch your attention should you stumble upon it on the way to the Royal Palace. Fountains, statues, basins and a symmetrical pattern of footpaths cut through this park like angular lattice work. Best enjoyed in the afternoon sun, when around noon, when employees from the surrounding neighbourhood come out to have a quick jog. Leopold Park is a small enclave within a bustling European district. This is where you will find Eurocrats jogging in the afternoon or people taking their fries and sandwiches to each at lunch time. There is a small lake and the Museum of Natural Sciences stands proudly on the banks.

Academy Palace
Egmont Palace
Ixelles Ponds
Espace Leopold
Chapel Church
Botanical Garden
Hotel Solvay

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