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Places to Visit in Brussels, Belgium
The Atomium, symbol of Brussels and Belgium, is an international tourist attraction. This unique piece of architecture, created on the occasion of the World Fair of Brussels in 1958, became the most popular monument of the capital of Europe.The Atomium (at the Heysel) was created by the architect Andre Waterkeyn on the occasion of the World Fair of Brussels in 1958. Its original structure symbolizes an iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times. In the 1950s, the atom was at the center of attention as the almost inexhaustible symbol of energy and modernity.Unmistakable symbol of Brussels and Belgium and unique feat in the history of architecture the Atomium is today the most popular attraction in the Capital of Europe.Built for the 1958 World Exhibition, the Atomium is shaped on the model of an elementary iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times.Beyond surreal walks through tubes and spheres, the Atomium houses a permanent exhibition about its history as well temporary exhibitions for a broad public (sciences, design, society).The upper sphere offers unique and spectacular views across the city skyline.

Cantillon brewery
Botanical Garden
Egmont Palace
Chapel Church
Halle Gate
Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History

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