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Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh, India
Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi is a small town on the outskirts of Bhopal, situated around 48 km from the capital city. The town comes under the district of Vidisha. Sanchi is the living example of visions and beliefs of Emperor Ashoka. It is scattered with numerous Buddhist structures like pillars and stupas.Although the city is world known for these Buddhist sites, Sanchi does not have great significance or consequence in Buddhist history, though it is now considered as a pilgrimage town due to the monasteries that are present here. Emperor Ashoka came here and married the daughter of a local merchant. Sanchi thus became his center and he carried out the construction of many buildings. The Ashoka Pillar and the Great Sanchi stupa are the most exquisite works of that time. The Stupas were the earliest forms of Buddhist architecture that were the inspiration for many other buildings.

Along with the historical buildings, don't forget to visit the archaeological museum. It showcases the renowned image of four lions that once sat atop the Ashoka Pillar. Although a visit to the town is comfortable throughout the year, the best time is between the months of October and March. Hotel accommodations are available in plenty.

Sadar Manzil
Regional Science Centre
Birla Museum
Taj ul Masjid
Sanchi Stupa
Bharat Bhavan
Bhimbetka Caves
Jama Masjid

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