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Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand
Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute
Located in the Thai Red Cross Institute, this organization produces anti venom serum for snake bite victims nationwide.Snake farms tend to gravitate towards carnivalesque rather than humanitarian, except at the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. Founded in 1923, the snake farm gathers antivenin from venomous snakes. This is done by milking the snakes venom, injecting it into horses, and harvesting and purifying the antivenin they produce. The antivenins are then used to treat human victims of snake bites.Regular milkings and snake handling performances are held at the outdoor amphitheatre.The leafy grounds are home to a few caged snakes (and a constant soundtrack of Western rock music), but the bulk of the attractions are found in the Simaseng Building, at the rear of the compound. The ground floor houses several varieties of snakes in glass cages.The Royal Cremation Ceremony of HM Queen Saovabha on May 24, 1920.

HM King Vajiravudh decided to build a permanent building in her memory to be used for research in medical science. He granted the Thai Red Cross Society a big sum of MONEY and a piece of land at the corner of Henry Dunant and Rama IV Road for the main building and as a permanent headquarter of the Science Division of the Thai Red Cross Society. With a donation from Queen Sawangvadhana and the Thai Red Cross Society own budget, two additional buildings were erected on both sides of the main building to facilitate the establishment of a self sufficient scientific institution.

Vimanmek Mansion
Wat Phra Kaew
Wat Arun
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Chatuchak Park
Safari World
golden Buddha

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