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Places to Visit in city state, Greece
Located in a high technology incubation center in Guangzhou, China, Imetto Digital Imaging Technology was founded in 2000 and received a major capital investment from the Guangzhou Venture Capital Ltd in 2005. Although based in China, Imetto has evaluated numerous domestic and international sources for all its key subsystems as partners for the best performing and most reliable products. As a result, we are able to offer the optimum combination of Chinese and international technologies, research, development and manufacturing. Imetto has a very talented R&D group which developed our own laser scanning engine.Our main products are the Tera32 and Zetta50 largeformat digital photo laser printing systems, which use laser scanning technology to expose RA4compatible lightsensitive papers. With integrated paper processors, the systems are selfcontained, daylight operating printer centers that can output prints from 4x6 up to 30x180 (Tera32) or 50x200( Zetta 50), or larger. The Zetta50 is the worlds first integrated 50 wide format laser printer/processor. Imetto also provides systems for upgrading analog minilabs to highresolution full digital capability.Our domestic research, development, manufacturing and worldwide purchasing policies allow us to offer the most cost effective, highest performance and best quality products for our customers. Our domestic and overseas customers praise our customer support program.We are continuing to invest in R&D for improving our current products as well as producing products to meet the needs of tomorrows international image processing community.

Arch of Hadrian
Ancient Agora of Athens
Philopappos Monument
Benaki Museum
National Archaeological Museum

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