Places to Visit in city state, Greece
Omonoia Square
Omonia Square (Plateia Omonias) is the center of Athens, and is composed of the actual square together with the surrounding streets, open areas and assemblage of grand buildings that include banks and offices. The neighboring area of Exarcheia to the north, dominated by the Athens Polytechnic and its famous band of anarchists, is a bohemian district with lots of bars and clubs visited by students, intellectuals and people who are into alternative culture.Omonia is the exact opposite of its neighbours Plaka & Monastiraki as there is no classical attraction in this multicultural area, however its where you go for cheap eateries, exotic imported goods and food and basically daytoday items at affordable price.

Ancient Agora of Athens
Acropolis Museum
Mount Lycabettus
Philopappos Monument
Panathenaic Stadium
Acropolis of Athens

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