Places to Visit in city state, Greece
Old Acropolis Museum
When Melina Mercouri decided to turn her dream into reality and announced a competition to design a new museum for the Acropolis in Athens, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Ancient gods of Greece were determined to stop her. The plan to build a new museum was plagued by problems and delays. Architects and contractors went to court to fight for the lucrative contract to design and build the new museum local residents went to court to protect historic local buildings from demolition and just when work finally started on the winning design of Manfredi Nicoletti and Lucio Passarelli, an ancient urban development began to emerge from the ground being dug for the foundations. Construction work immediately ground to a halt.With the new design chosen, time was running out to complete the New Acropolis Museum in time for the Athens Olympics of 2004. More delays meant that sadly that deadline was missed and it wasnt until 2007 that the building was finally completed. Next, all the exhibits from the old Acropolis Museum plus the many thousands of artefacts which had never been exhibited in that inadequate museum had to be transported to the new museum.

National Archaeological Museum
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
National Garden
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Hellenic Parliament
Hellenic Motor Museum

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