pink lakes of the world

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Lake Retba

Pink Lakes of the World

The Pink lakes is the most beautiful pink colored lakes in the world.
Lake Retba

Lake Retba in Senegal West Africa another beautiful pink lake owes its colour to the presence of high concentrations (385gm/l) of Desulfohalobium retbaense a halophilic (salt loving) bacterium.

Redwood City Salt Ponds San Francisco USA 1
Port Gregory Western Australia 2
Elafonisi Crete
Redwood City Salt Ponds San Francisco USA 2
Lake Retba Senegal 3
Lake Hillier Western Australia 2
Port Gregory Western Australia 1
Torrevieja Spain 1
Koyashskoe Lake Ukraine2
Hutt Lagoon Port Gregory Western Australia
Lake Masazir
Saline di Cervia Italy
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