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Northern lights

Phenomena worth travelling

Northern lights

AKA Aurora borealis, revontulet (fox fires), kinguyakkii What is it? Light display caused by charged, fast moving particles from the sun entering the earth s atmosphere. Where? Particles are driven towards the poles by the earth s magnetic field, so northern lights are more prevalent above the Arctic Circle; however, displays are seen further south. You need dark skies, clear skies and a little luck. Aurora is a fickle maiden sometimes flashy and brazen, sometimes coquettish or unforthcoming. But if you head to the far north, between September and March, for several nights, you might see the heavens erupt in a fantasia of swirling yellow purple green. Good spots include Sweden s Abisko Sky Station (renowned for cloudlessness); the Northern Lights Centre at Whitehorse, in Canada s Yukon; and Finnish Lapland, where it s estimated there are around 200 auroral displays a year.

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