pet care

Bowel Movement 3

Pet Care

Dogs make wonderful companion and give us unconditional love.
Bowel Movement 3
Training Tips :
Always remember that puppies don't have the endurance level of an adult dog. They find it difficult to control their bladder and bowels for a long time. So, give them some time to develop outdoor potty habits. Don't 'paper-train' your puppy during those initial days of potty training. Once you paper-train him indoors, you will have to train him all over again for outdoor potty habits

Trimming of Nails
Labrador Retriever
Assign Responsibilities
Lyme Disease Vaccine
Get accustom to environment
Carbohydrates for energy
Precaution in snow 1
Stop a puppy from biting
Bordetella Vaccine
Brittany Spaniel
Feed at regular interval
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