parking rules

Permit use after hours on weekends

Parking Rules

There are certain rules that apply when it comes to parking.
Permit use after hours on weekends
Regular permit holders at UPC and HSC can typically use their permit to park at any on campus lot or structure between the hours of 5:00pm 7:00am weekdays, and all day on weekends. NOTE: This does not apply to day use passes which must be purchased every day and are only good until midnight on the day issued, and holders of various specialty permits e.g., faculty one day or two day permits, evening permits, vendor permits. The use of a regular permit to park during special events or on football game days may be permitted, but parking in your specific lot structure is on a first come, first served basis, and is not guaranteed. Using a USC Housing specific permit to park on campus on football game days is not allowed. Please refer to the Transportation Services Quick Reference guide Where Can I Park? for more information.

Reserved Spaces
Off campus student housing permits
Rights of ownership
Permit use after hours on weekends
Parking Guidelines
Accident reporting
Emergency Red zones
Alternate Side Parking
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Compact Vehicle Parking
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